Wee Blue Coo is based in a cowshed in beautiful, rainy Edinburgh and was formed in 2012 by Joelle Kirkpatrick. Borne from a love of art and fantastic design, the main goal has always been to create unique and interesting greetings cards and art prints for our customers to enjoy.

The herd that Joelle has since gathered are an amazing bunch of talented individuals, from musicians to artists, technical geniuses to dog loving font geeks. They are a tight team and the common goal which unites them is their commitment to producing fresh designs, high quality products and maintaining excellent customer service.

Having an internal design team and working with a variety of artists is the key to ensuring we are regularly adding to our product ranges and keeping our offering of designs contemporary.

All items are professionally printed in house, which allows us to deliver the highest quality items at affordable prices.

Joelle Kirkpatrick. Creative Director

Joelle our Head Heifer and co-founder of Wee Blue Coo Ltd.  She oversees all creative areas of the business and has a fine eye for detail. She is never happier than hunting down new design inspiration.  Joelle is a mum of two and has a passion for art and interior design (as well as a penchant for gin!). She’s a city girl but loves to escape to the country when time allows. Whilst for the most part Joelle can achieve anything she sets her mind to, watching her park her car is sheer comedy gold.

Bob Kirkpatrick. Managing Director

Bob is husband of Joelle and also co-founder of the business. He oversees all areas of the company and is responsible for our overall direction, financial planning and new product development.  He’s outnumbered with females at home so takes solace in the company of his dog Dudley. Bob graduated with an honours degree in ‘Advanced Hiding’ from which spawned his nickname ‘The Shadow’. He is also the proud owner of the world’s largest collections of seashells, a collection that has grown so vast that he has taken to storing them on numerous beaches across the northern hemisphere.

Shallyn Goodhead. Designer

Shallyn is our resident hippy and happy go lucky Canadian whose love of fonts and great design is almost as deep as her love of coffee, her love of coffee is transcended by her passion for all things canine. She also likes to fetch and have her tummy tickled. Shallyn has a unique designing style and inspiration often comes from one of her many trips – if air miles were pounds she’d be a moo-llianaire!

Chris Evry. Designer

Chris is the epitome of creativity; he is an innate artistic talent – there’s pretty much nothing he can’t draw! He is also a vital cog in ensuring the successful processing of our images. In his free time Chris is a soulful guitar player and movie buff – both of which will likely be accompanied by a good whisky, beer or coffee. Chris also bears a striking resemblance to The Dude

Rhys Gilchrist. Marketing Assistant

Rhys has been involved with the company since he was 15 and spent a (fun filled!) summer or two making tubes in our dispatch team and learning many areas of the business. Rhys is another super talented and creative soul and graduated this year with a Bachelor of Music from the Kingston University in London. When not in the cowshed he is a professional musician, playing in bands, teaching students all over the world and polishing his 8 guitars.

Allan Gray. Director

Allan has been part of the herd from day one. A hard working family man and father of two. Allan is responsible for ensuring all of our (100,000+) listings across all platforms are accurate and well maintained. This requires lots of data management and dreaded spreadsheets which are a necessary evil in this part of the business. Working alongside Tim, they are the yin to the others yang in terms of their love for spreadsheets. When Allan is not at work he loves to spend time with his wife and kids as well as getting lost in a good old PC game.

Tim Dimond. Ecommerce Database Manager

A relatively recent arrival to Edinburgh from daan sowf, Tim is really in his element when getting knee deep into spreadsheets; something he enjoys almost as much as a decent gin and tonic or a good coffee. Most weekends he can be found playing or alphabetising his vinyl collection. A father to two daughters who share his love of music, sadly though his two cats ignore him despite years of his best efforts to win them over.

Graeme Halliday. (Hal) Order Processing Administrator

Hal is another original member of the herd. He is responsible for the order management system and ensuring the correct item is dispatched for each order. Hal is reluctantly beginning middle age but firmly believes it can be safeguarded against by the power of wishing. When not spending time working or wishing he can usually be found vigorously engaging in sedentary pastimes such as reading whilst sitting down or looking far off into the distance.

Koumu Smith, Data Analyst

Koumu is our resident Kiwi. He is our Data Guru (read genius!) and has been known to partake in some PC DIY whilst at work too! He is married to a Scot and moved here to be with her 9 years ago. They have the cutest pup Harper who Koumu adores.
In his spare time Koumu enjoys watching basketball and rugby and is a big fan of the All Blacks with a beer in hand. He loves to cook and can often be found experimenting with new recipe ideas. He is a big PC Gaming fan and is a self-confessed wannabe Desktop General! It has been said amongst the herd that Koumu creates emotional attachments to inanimate objects but we couldn’t possibly comment!

Joe Pritchard. Systems Development Manager

Joe (AKA Neo) has recently plugged into the Wee Blue Coo matrix and has created realities we didn’t even know existed. Technically speaking, he works on integrating our internal processes. Joe is an all-rounder and picks up whatever’s needed for the job at hand (sometimes paper clips, elastic bands and orbs of blue light go into the magical programming cauldron). When Joe is done being a technical genius he likes to relax with a heavy metal gig, chill with his cats or jet off on a city break with his girlfriend Robyn.

Gillian Gray. Accounts Administrator

Although Gill’s main function is to keep our accounts running smoothly (along with the most important task of ensuring we get paid each month!) she does so much more than accounts.  New to the team, Gill has thrown herself into ensuring our Health & Safety policies and procedures are in order and also plays a role in our ever expanding HR function. A meticulous planner and organisational wonder woman is how she could best be described, although of course this most definitely goes to pot around her 2 young children!

Joel Evry, Wholesale Account Manager

Joel has recently joined the team and brings with him a wealth of experience as a Customer Service Manager. Initially joining our Dispatch team, his personable, easy-going manner and passion for great customer service meant that he was the natural choice when we realised our wholesale side of the business needed a dedicated Account Manager. When Joel isn’t taking or delivering Wholesale orders you can find him in the local bars around Leith. Often he’ll be wearing a Stetson and Cowboy Boots and playing some good o’l country music inspired by his recent travels to Nashville, New Orleans and Austin, Texas. When not strumming his gee-tar he can be found tending to his much-loved beard!

Matt Greig, Data Analyst

Matt has been with us for a while now. He started out in the dispatch area and now looks after all of our ‘Fulfilled by Amazon’ orders which includes monitoring sales and stock levels. He also looks does data handling and manages our listings. Sounds pretty chilled and low maintenance, right?! Wrong! We have more than 1 million listings so managing it all is no mean feat, but Matt is the embodiment of chilled and takes it all in his stride.
Matt as an encyclopaedic knowledge of local supermarket meal-deals, and in his free time enjoys video-games. He can also play a pretty reasonable blues harmonica but only after a few pints.