Gallery Wall Guide

Gallery walls have become increasingly popular as a way of personalising your home, and they are much less permanent than…

They can be changed regularly by changing the composition or adding new images.

There is no “right way” for your gallery wall to look, it will be as individual as you are. BUT we can help the process of creating it to be less daunting.


What imagery do you love? Do your research and choose a few images that appeal to you. This will help you decide what style of gallery wall you want to go for.

Use Pinterest/instagram for research.

Do you want a theme? A colour? Photographs?  Or an eclectic collection of images you love

Choose frames to suit your overall look. You can mix and match, or have them all the same, again depending on the look you want to achieve. Just consider the overall aesthetic when choosing frames.

A gallery wall is about expressing your creativity and what appeals to you, don’t worry about uniformity if you prefer a more casual look.


The obvious choice may be a large, blank wall (and this works great!) but also consider using smaller, more unusual spaces to create some impact.

Don’t start hammering just yet though, find some floor space and play around with your layout. Do you have certain images that you want to be central to your gallery? Switch things around and see what works for you. 

If you’re a little unsure of your layout then you may also want to make paper templates of each frame and stick these to your wall to check it works for your space. This is easier than moving frames once you have made holes, but remember that gallery walls are fluid and can be changed up or added to, that is part of the beauty of decorating your home in this way.

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